Are you using WeasyPrint, do you want to make changes or see changes made to it, or are you just interested? Come talk to us!

Mailing list

The mailing list both for WeasyPrint’s users and developers is hosted on Librelist. To subscribe, send a mail to weasyprint@librelist.com and reply to the confirmation mail. Make sure to check your Spam folder, just in case. To unsubscribe again, send a mail to weasyprint-unsubscribe@librelist.com and reply to the confirmation mail.

This list is very low traffic, mostly announcements for new versions.

The archives are published on the Librelist website.


Chat with us at ##kozea on Freenode.

Issue/bug tracker

Specific bug reports or feature requests should go on GitHub. Please include in full any detail such as an error message or tracebacks.