WeasyPrint 43

WeasyPrint 43 has been released.

This version is the first stable version of WeasyPrint, 8 years after the idea was born. We would like to thank all our increadible contributors, bug reporters, pull requesters, real-life testers and 2200+ stargazers :).

Special thanks to Tontyna who helped a lot for this release, added really useful features and makes Windows’ users life easier <3.

This stable version is the beginning of a new era for WeasyPrint. The library has slowly evolved from a tiny toy to a real piece of software used by prestigious companies, cities and administrations all around the world.

It is time to meet our users and improve WeasyPrint by adding features, fixing bugs and improve points that really count for real life use cases. It is also time to welcome new contributors, to improve not only the code but the documentation, the samples, the design, and the helpful comments left on an increasing number of open issues.

So… Dear user: if you want to tell us who you are, to discuss CSS properties, to add features, to complain about bugs, to add samples, to ask for help, to give some time or some money, to dive into the code… Send us a few words!

We have built WeasyPrint to be the awesome document factory for our needs. We will work hard to make sure that it is your awesome document factory.


New features

Bug fixes